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We’re fortunate enough to just turn on a faucet to have access to life’s most essential ingredient: clean water. For many people, though, getting access to something so basic is incredibly difficult.

It’s important to us to be as clear about what we do as the water we provide communities in need. This list shows completed projects and activities Wogen is involved.

We all understand there is more to go

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As a non profit organization, to engage members and friends of the Ethiopian diaspora elsewehere and sympathizing individuals and organizations to provide financial and technical support in promoting access to clean and safe water, education and health care to communities in Ethiopia

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What's New!


1.  The Diba Abo Community water well construction is completed and has started service. . This will serve 920 students and 300 local community members. 

2. Quacha Mender Elementary School will have desks and chairs which will be completed transported to the school before the autumn class starts to help at least half of the 953 students. 

Last year, in 2017: 

Wogen has donated $ 4500 to the construction of Chachikuna High School . CEHSA members matched this amount and a total of  $9000 was raised. Thanks for our Donors Teel Family Foundation, Landers family, Microsoft Employees Give Program and individuals who actively are encouraging and helping our organization. Especially Molly Owen, Mekonnen Kassa and Dawit Taye. 

In 2016: A total of $6000 was raised and donated to CEHSA for high school construction project.

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