Wogen Children and Mothers
​Support Association

                              Report on Water Well Construction

Kega Mesk Project, Chira Ambezo Locality Lay Armachihu District Gondar Regional Administration Zon State of Amhara Administration

Global warming has extended desertification which affects water tables and underground water resources. This has caused severe problem of drinking water.

Even though Ethiopia is considered as the richest country in water resources in Africa, there is a lot to be done to make clean and adequate water available to most of the population.The main problem to this end (not enough clean adequate water) is stemmed from lack of construction resources and the need to work on the perception of the different communities towards Clean water (sanitation problem) versus curving disease spread

We understand there is focus from government and different organizations to expand the use of clean water in Ethiopia. However, the problem remains severe and unresolved because streams and rivers are drying everywhere and rainfall is so erratic. The few streams or water sources are compromising the community’s health for animals and human are sharing the same sources and they wash their clothes right at the stream. These sources are also exposed to contamination from waste products as they are not closed nor cleaned. That is why children are suffering from waterborne disease and livestock are dying from waterborne pathogens, as well.District of Lay Armachiho is located in Northwestern part of the State of Amhara Administration in Ethiopia. Forty five percent of the areas are mountainous, 25% undulating hills and escarpments. Thirty five percent has warm low land. Because of this landscape and warm temperature, there are no rivers or streams that flow throughout the year. Therefore, water shortage is number one problem and is more severe in contrast to other districts

Kega Mesk community in ChiraAmbezo locality which is in District of Lay Armachiho is one of the places where the community is suffering from lack of Clean and adequate water since they have backward  way of using water znd from the topography of the area.                                         
Although the stream water stays throughout the year, animals and human drink from the same source and accessibility of the water is so difficult as depicted below in the picture people have to wait turns to fetch their water, to drink their livestock and wash their clothes. This consumes a lot of time and energy.

Kegamesk’s only water resource

More than 100 households (over 360 people) and their livestock used to totally depend on this little stream. They wash their clothes on the rocks around the stream, animal hides or old part of a Burrell.

Our country Ethiopia especially our District is benefitting from the assistance of diaspora and their friends mainly Wogen Children and Mothers Support Association Seattle is organizing and providing full assistance in helping our community build water wells that curve the problem of the communities from waterborne diseases.

Kegamesk community in ChiraAmbezo locality, human and animals used to drink from a little stream in the mid of rocks.Now in this community it is not only the benefit of having clean and adequate drinking water for over 100 households and their livestock, but also saving time from waiting long hours in line. Ten animals can drink at one time without acquiring waterborne microbes and pests. Six people can wash their clothes at onetime comfortably.

                 The best achievements in this construction

  • Six unemployed youngsters have got job and income.

  • Introduced safe and better way of water use

  • Saved enormous amount of time for children and mothers

  • Set an example to other communities

                   The budget for this construction

  • Paid to the contractor 75600 Eth birr

  • Fences and Materials 3989 Eth birr

  • Paid to professional 1650 Eth birr

  • Transportation and name plate 4150 Eth birr

  • Cost of Materials and Supplies 2696 Eth birr

  • Transportation and Miscellaneous 13950 Eth birr

  • Total Expense 102035 Eth birr


Money from Wogen Seattle                                            102,280 birr*

Free labor from the community                                      180 birr

Free material from the community                                1,050 birr

Grand total expense                                                          103,510 birr

      *  One U.S Dollar = 20 Ethn birr at the time

 In Country Project Coordinators

  • Endeshaw Muche

  • Abera Fissha

  • Aychew Sisay

                   July, 2015