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Constructing wells in Ethiopia rural communities
Two waters sources in two different rural communities are constructed in modern, safe and clean way with drinking water access to community members and their cattle with also a site for washing access to clothing.    

Wogen members and Wogen played a major role in assisting relief fund raising.
Four localities in Gondar zone,  Ethiopia was devastated by rain storm in form of hail, land slide and flood which resulted in loss of human life, property, livestock  and farm damage affecting large number of communities.


Assisting other non profit organizations in fund raising and publishing their project in Wogen web site. 
One of the non- profit organizations which wogen  is highly supporting from project drafting to actual construction of a High School is Chachikuna Education and Health Support Association (CEHSA) non-profit and non governmental organization registered in the state of Georgia, USA.  Members of CEHSA are very dedicated and work in closer consultation with Wogen. As Education is one part of the five objectives of Wogen, Wogen board members are working as Fundraising Task Force members with CEHSA Board. Every Penny raised for the Chachikuna High School Construction will be 100% given to CEHSA for the construction project.

Wogen Childern and Mothers Support Association is a non profit organization incorporated in state of Washington. UBI number 603101757. Wogen is established to support the mission of promoting access to safe, adequate and clean water, sanitation, healthcare and education to the community.  We have also included assisstance of jobless youngsters in our to do list. As a non profit organization, no part of the earnings or benefits will be distributed among the members or trustee officers or other private individuals or entities

Wogen is not affliated to any religion, race or ethnic group or political parties.  And hence wogen does not discriminate based on gender, race, religion or political belief or national origin.

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